Beach Rules

Lake Reality Homeowners Association
Established 1972
Kinnelon, NJ 07405
We are a volunteer lake.
Please take care of our beach, kitchen and bathrooms as if they were your own.  Please pick up garbage as you see it and be sure to clean up all of your belongings at the end of the day.
Beach Rules
Revised April 2021

1.  Lifeguard on duty when scheduled unless the “NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY” sign is posted.  No swimming is allowed when lifeguards are not present.  Lifeguards are on duty after opening day from 12:00pm-7:00pm Mondays-Thursdays and 12:00pm-8:00pm Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
2.  Members and Guests are responsible at all times for the safety and supervision of their children.
3.  Inflatable flotation devices, such as swimmies, inflatable arm bands, are to be used in the shallow water buoy markers only.  Noodles and kickboards will still be allowed on the floating docks.  Children still must pass the dock test before using noodles or kickboards on the floating docks.
4.  Bathers must stay within the roped swimming area regardless of age or ability.
5.  All children in diapers must wear diapers specifically designed for immersion in water (such as swimmie or swimming diapers).  Do not wash out soiled diapers in the bathing water. 
6.  Lake Reality Dock Test:  Children under 14 years of age must pass this test if they wish to go to the deep-water docks or be on the Fishing/Boat Docks without an adult.  Children, including children that are guests, must be able to swim to the deep-water dock and back without stopping.  All tests are to be administered by our beach staff.
7.  No rocking, pushing, or running on the floating docks.  No swimming under or behind the floating docks.
8.  Fishing/Boat Docks:  Children must be 8 years old AND pass the Dock Test to be permitted on the Fishing/Boat Docks without an adult.  No jumping or diving off the boat docks.
9.  Beach Badges are required, and must be visible, for all lake members 14 years of age and older.  Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.  Upon arrival, members must check in with the lifeguard to show their badges and inform the lifeguard of the number of guests that are with them.
10.  Guest Policy:  Please do not abuse guest privileges.  Guests must always be accompanied by a member.  Each member household is allowed to bring 4 guests free of charge.  The exception to this rule is if all the guests are part of the same immediate family.  For example, if you invite Mr. and Mrs. Jones and they have 3 children.  If you would like to bring more than the allowed number of guests please contact the president for permission. 
11.  The lifeguard boat is solely for the use of the lifeguard on duty.  Use of the lifeguard boat by anyone other than the lifeguard on duty will result in his/her removal from the premises.
12.  The lifeguard on duty has the authority to order anyone from the premises due to safety concerns.
13.  Parents of unsupervised minors will be held responsible for damages caused to Lake Reality property by such minors, regardless of whether the minors are members or guests of members.
14.  Children are not permitted to loiter in the kitchen.
15.  Grills are not permitted on the deck due to fire concerns; the lake provides a grill located on the pavilion for your use.  Please clean the grill after each use.
16.  Please use recycling bins and trash containers.  Each is clearly marked as to the type of waste.  The lifeguards empty the garbage/recyclables at closing.  If you have garbage after closing please put it in the dumpster to avoid attracting wildlife.
17.  The pavilion may be reserved for a rental fee for parties of 10-25 people Mondays-Thursdays.  No parties are allowed on the weekends or holidays.  If you have 10 or more guests this is considered a party.  An additional fee will be charged for extra lifeguards.
18.  Pets are not permitted on the beach at any time.
19.  Alcoholic beverages and food may not be kept in the refrigerator overnight.  Any alcohol or food remaining in the refrigerator at closing will be disposed of at closing.
20.  ATV’s/4-Wheelers are not permitted on Lake Reality Property at any time.
21.  No water balloons allowed at the lake.
22.  Membership privileges will be reviewed by the Lake Reality Board and possibly withdrawn should repeated unsafe practices occur, or should any member or guest fail to abide by these rules.
Lake Reality Homeowners Association
By-Laws and Resolutions
April 2013
(Revised March 2021)
Article 1. Name
The name of the association shall be the Lake Reality Homeowners Association, hereinafter the “Association.”
Article 2. Purpose
The purpose of this Association shall be to promote social activities among its members, to establish, maintain and operate recreational facilities for its members, to promote and accord goodwill and harmonious relationships throughout the Association, to maintain, govern and improve the Association’s properties, such as the Lake, clubhouse, playgrounds, and beach, and pay the taxes thereon, and maintain adequate insurance coverage on all Association facilities and properties, and to provide a forum for the organized discussion of community affairs.
Article 3. Membership
There shall be three (3) classes of membership:  Resident – Active; Resident – Social; and Associate.
  1. Resident – Active Members (residing in Lake Reality/Arbor Estates) are those members in good standing for less than 5 years or any member with children under the age of 18, who own, lease, or are under contract to purchase real property within Lake Reality/Arbor Estates, as described in the Borough of Kinnelon maps and the three (3) parcels designated as Block 58, Lots 60, 61 and 62, and who make written application to the Secretary or Membership Chair of this Association.
  2. Social Members are those members in good standing who own real property within Lake Reality/Arbor Estates, as described in the Borough of Kinnelon maps and the three (3) parcels designated as Block 58, Lots 60, 61 and 62, who have been members in good standing for a minimum of 5 consecutive years, who have no children under the age of 18 residing in the Lake Reality/Arbor Estates home as of January 1 of that year, and who make written application to the Secretary or Membership Chair of this Association.
  3. Associate Members are those members who in good standing have joined the Association for a period of one (1) year by making written application to the Secretary or Membership Chair.  Associate members must be residents of Kinnelon at the time of their first application for membership. Resident and Associate members who move from Kinnelon may continue as Associate members in subsequent years. Membership must be reapplied for annually.  Membership is on a space available basis, and total membership will be at the sole discretion of the Board. 
  1. Members in good standing shall be defined as Resident – Active Members, Resident – Social Members, or Associate Members who have paid their dues and assessment and surcharges promptly and in full and who abide by the By-Laws and Rules of the Association.
  1. A Resident – Active Member has the right to transfer the unexpired portion of their annual membership to a subsequent purchaser of the real property located in Lake Reality.
Article 4. Meetings
  1. Semi-annual General Meetings of the Association shall be held during the months of April and September in the clubhouse or other place as designated by the Officers.
  2. Special meetings may be called by the Secretary, on the advice and approval of the President.
  3. Notice of meetings may be by U.S. mail, e-mail, telephone and/or by posting of a notice at the Lake clubhouse bulletin board.
  4. Each member family is entitled to cast one vote for the election of each officer and trustee and one vote at any meeting regarding assessments referenced in Article 9(d).
Article 5. Officers and Trustees
The elected officers of this Association shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  In addition, there shall be five (5) elected Trustees.  The Officers and Trustees shall form the Board and are vested with the management of the Association.  Officers and Trustees are voting members of the Board. The President must be a Member in good standing for a minimum of two (2) years prior to election to that position.  All other officers and Trustees must be Members in good standing for one year prior to election to a Board position.  No more than four (4) of the Officers and Trustees shall be Associate Members.  Resident – Social Members are eligible for Board positions.  All Officers and Trustees will serve two (2) year terms and will be elected by acclamation or closed ballot by a simple majority of members attending the September General Meeting in odd number years.
Candidates for positions as Officers or Trustees may be:
(a)        Nominated by the Nominating Committee: or
(b)        Submitted to the Nominating Committee by any Member of the lake association in good standing             at least 30 days prior to the general meeting in which the election will take place.
All candidates as described in (a.) and (b.) who are members in good standing shall be presented to the membership as candidates for election.
An officer or trustee may be removed from the Board due to dereliction of duties by vote of the majority of the Board.
A replacement to serve the remainder of any term not fulfilled by a Board member must be provided by the Nominating Committee and approved by a majority of the Board.
Article 6. Duties of the Board
It shall be the duty of the Board to carry out the purpose of this Association as stated in these By-Laws and to consider and transact the business of the Association in the best interest of the Association and its membership.
The President shall preside over all Board Meetings, General Membership Meetings, and Special Meetings.  He/she shall be exempt from dues during his/her term.
The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence.  In the event of the resignation of the President, he/she shall perform the duties of that office.
The Secretary shall keep minutes of the meeting and handle all correspondence including publication of the agenda prior to General Meetings. The Treasurer, under guidelines established by the Board, shall be responsible for all funds, banking, collection, and disbursement of funds.
The Trustees shall assist the Officers of the Association as directed by those Officers and each trustee shall chair a committee as listed in Article 7.
Article 7. Committees
The standing committees of the Association shall be:
(a)        Financial                                 Chair – Treasurer
(b)        Social                                      Chair – Trustee
(c)        Membership                            Chair – Trustee
(d)       Nominating                             Chair – President, committee must also include 2 other non-Board                                                                          association members.
(e)        Grounds                                  Chair – Vice President
(f)        Life Guards                             Chair – 2 Trustees
(g)        Capital Improvements            Chair – 2 Trustees
Additional committees may be established by the Board.
Committee chairs shall be appointed by the Board, and committee members will be chosen by the committee chair with approval by the Board.
Article 8. Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of the Association shall run concurrently with the calendar year, January 1st through December 31st.
Article 9.  Dues
  1. The annual dues of this Association for Resident – Active members and Associate members shall be $400; Social members’ dues shall be $125.   A $200 capital improvement/repair/maintenance surcharge also applies to all memberships. All dues and surcharges may be amended from time to time at the sole discretion of the Board.
  1. A one-time initiation fee of $300, which may be amended from time to time at the sole discretion of the Board, shall be due from first-time members upon initial application.
  2. Annual dues must be paid in full by April 30th of each year.
  3. Additional assessments shall be proposed by the Board from time to time, and the membership shall vote on such additional assessments.  Such additional assessments shall be effective upon the approval of fifty-one (51) percent of all present at the meeting and casting votes.
  4. Any member failing to pay annual dues and/or assessments within thirty (30) days of April 30th shall be subject to revocation of membership.  Any membership becoming available will be offered to the next family on the waiting list.
  5. The Board may, at its discretion, waive the dues/assessments or a portion thereof for a calendar year for any member otherwise in good standing with a proven hardship upon request by that member.
Article 10. Amendments
The By-Laws may be amended by a two/thirds vote of the Members present at any General Meeting or special meeting.  Any proposed amendment or revision must be mailed to the membership at least 10 days prior to the meeting date.
Article 11. Rules
All Members shall abide by the Lake Rules as determined by the Board.  Failure to abide by the Rules will result in suspension or termination of membership and its privileges and any such action is at the sole discretion of the Board. Membership in this paragraph shall mean the household membership. Any such suspension or termination of membership shall include the loss of any membership dues paid to date. Anyone whose membership is suspended or terminated under this provision shall be barred from using the lake in any way. Any member suspended shall be reinstated after the requirements set by the Board are met.







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