Beach Rules

Lake Reality Homeowners Association
Established 1972
Kinnelon, NJ 07405

We are a volunteer lake.
Please take care of our beach, kitchen and bathrooms as if they were your own.  Please pick up garbage as you see it and be sure to clean up all of your belongings at the end of the day.
Beach Rules
Revised May 2016

1.  Lifeguard on duty when scheduled unless the “NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY” sign is posted.  Swimming when no lifeguard is on duty is at the swimmers own risk.  Lifeguards are on duty after opening day from 12:00pm-6:00pm.

2.  Inflatable flotation devices, such as swimmies, inflatable arm bands, are to be used in the shallow water buoy markers only.  Noodles and kickboards will still be allowed on the floating docks.  Children still must pass the dock test before using noodles or kickboards on the floating docks.

3.  Bathers must stay within the roped swimming area regardless of age or ability.

4.  All children who wear diapers must wear rubber pants or swim diapers.

5.  Lake Reality Dock Test:  Children under 14 years of age must pass this test if they wish to go to the deep-water docks or be on the Fishing/Boat Docks without an adult.  Children, including children that are guests, must be able to swim to the deep-water dock and back without stopping.  All tests are to be administered by our beach staff.
6.  No rocking, pushing, or running on the floating docks.  No swimming under the floating docks.

7.  Fishing/Boat Docks:  Children must be 8 years old AND pass the Dock Test to be permitted on the Fishing/Boat Docks without an adult.  No jumping or diving off the boat docks.

8.  Beach Badges are required, and must be visible, for all lake members 14 years of age and older.  Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.  Upon arrival, members must check in with the lifeguard to show their badges and inform the lifeguard of the number of guests that are with them.

9.  Guest Policy:  Please do not abuse guest privileges.  Guests must always be accompanied by a Member.  Each member is allowed to bring 4 guests free of charge.  The exception to this rule is if all the guests are part of the same immediate family.  For example, if you invite Mr. and Mrs. Jones and they have 3 children. 

10.  The lifeguard boat is solely for the use of the lifeguard on duty.  Use of the lifeguard boat by anyone other than the lifeguard on duty will result in his/her removal from the premises.

11.  The lifeguard on duty has the authority to order anyone from the premises due to safety concerns.

12.  Parents of unsupervised minors will be held responsible for damages caused to Lake Reality property by such minors, regardless of whether the minors are members or guests of members.

13.  Children are not permitted to loiter in the kitchen.

14.  Grills are not permitted on the deck due to fire concerns; the lake provides a grill located on the pavilion for your use.  Please clean the grill after each use.

15.  Please use recycling bins and trash containers.  Each is clearly marked as to the type of waste.  The lifeguards empty the garbage/recyclables at 6:00pm.  If you have garbage after 6:00pm please put it in the dumpster to avoid attracting wildlife.

16.  The pavilion may be reserved for a rental fee for parties of 10-25 people Mondays-Thursdays.  No parties are allowed on the weekends or holidays.  If you have 10 or more guests this is considered a party.  An additional fee will be charged for extra lifeguards.

17.  Pets are not permitted on the beach at any time.

18.  Alcoholic beverages and food may not be kept in the refrigerator overnight.  Any alcohol or food remaining in the refrigerator at closing will be disposed of at closing.

19.  ATV’s/4-Wheelers are not permitted on Lake Reality Property at any time.

20.  No water balloons allowed at the lake.

21.  Membership privileges will be reviewed by the Lake Reality Board and possibly withdrawn should repeated unsafe practices occur, or should any member or guest fail to abide by these rules.







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